Everything you need to know before booking the sailing experience of a lifetime
How to book
In order to book an expedition, please fill in the inquiry form on the webpage of your selected trip. Our expedition managers will contact you to discuss the booking details and they will send you an invoice with the detailed payment information. If you have no certain choice, then our expedition managers will help you to find your dream destination.

The payment of 30-50% (depending on the selected expedition) of the price of your trip in 7 days after the delivery of a contract means that your booking is successful. The second part of the payment is made according to the contract details (commonly 2-3 months before the trip).
When we have received your booking request we will process your booking as soon as possible. You will receive a trip confirmation and corresponding invoice. When you have received these, your booking is confirmed.

The payment of your invoice can only be made by banking transfer. All necessary banking details are mentioned on the invoice. We do not accept credit cards or cheques.
Cancellations and refund
Cancellation of the trip more than 2 months before the selected trip results in reimbursement or rebooking the trip with required extra payment (depending on the price of the new selected trip). If you cancel the booking less than 2 months before the trip, we will charge you the amount of the whole payment you made. In case you have someone willing to replace you on the trip, we will fully reimburse your payment.
Terms and conditions regarding COVID-19
Because the trainees have to spend most of the time of the expedition in a confined space, we have to minimalize the risk of getting COVID-19 on board. Keeping a 1,5 meters distance on board is difficult to accomplish. The only way to minimalize our risks to COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of everyone on board is to only allow guests on board who have been fully vaccinated. We will ask our guests to show proof of these vaccinations before travel. For our part, we guarantee 100% vaccinated crew and staff.

We understand the risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic, thus we have designed a flexible mechanisms of cancelation and postponement.

In case of trip cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can join similar expedition (scheduled programs for the next year) or choose another trip with required extra payments (if applicable). If you do not like other options, then we will provide full reimbursement (please, keep in mind, that it will take some time).
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