The Dutch ice-class schooner
Wylde Swan is quite a large sailing boat. Its length is about 60 m, and the must height – 43 m. However, its size allows to sail into fjords and manoeuvre there, cast an anchor and bring trainees ashore using zodiacs.

In 2011, the Wylde Swan was a total winner in the Tall Ships Race against the world's largest sailing ships, and the team won Friendship Trophy. The training programs on board Wylde Swan are designed not only to provide sailing skills but also to develop other ones such as a team spirit strength, discipline and leadership.
The Dutch ice-class schooner
The two-masted schooner is an ice-class sailing boat launched by Olivier van Meer Design in the Netherlands. Built in 1963, she was operated as a fishery vessel in the North Sea. In 1993, she was refitted to be a sailing boat used for regular charter voyages.

She is capable of high speeds in the water but is equally comfortable while cruising.

Technical specifications:
Length – 42 m, width – 6.8 m
Draught – 3.7 m, Sail size – 420 m2
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Photo credits:, The schooner Amazone